Log Homes

A decision to build a Log House today will have a huge impact on us and our children for the rest of our lives.

Our secret is high quality wood

Our logs are real natural products. As a building material, wood has fantastic thermal value and makes an excellent building material also because of its suitability for different usages. Our logs are not treated with toxic chemicals and they come from close-by forests, which are required to replant felled trees.

We use very little energy in our log manufacturing, because of our automated production lines are from year 2008. The energy that we use at factory comes from our own manufacturing process. This process uses wood waste as an environmentally friendly energy source and that guarantees minimal impact on nature.

It’s healthy to live and breath in a log house

Nordic log houses and log cottages have healthy and fresh indoor air quality. Wall structure is not sealed with plastics or chemicals, therefore it breaths and doesn’t provide conditions for microbes, fungus or allergenic dust. During winter log home is comfortably warm and during summer your log home will be soothingly cool.