Design Collection

Here at Nordic Log with have two major design concepts;

1. Traditional Log Cabins & Homes

2. Leisure Buildings (Saunas, Holiday Villas & Garden Buildings)

Traditional Log Homes & Cabins

Our traditional styled log homes & cabins have been popular for years. The homes are constructed using the finest logs from Scandinavia. We offer a huge range of designs which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Log homes are very popular in areas of natural beauty. The cabins look spectacular in coastal, wooded or mountainous regions. Many more of these log homes are being used due to their strong natural construction and the superior insulation.

Leisure Buildings

We have a huge range of leisure buildings. These wooden structures are perfect for your own personal sauna or summer garden buildings. We offer timber holiday villas & house from with a wide array of sizes to choose from.


log saunas, garden, sheds, garagesholiday lodges & chalets
Our selected collection of wooden leisure buildings. Our timber structures 
are perfect for Sauna's, Garden Buildings & Holiday Villa's & houses.
Our collection of stylish holiday lodges perfect for a country retreat and to share with friends and family
 Ecological Choice
 Log is the best match for the values of
 natural and ecological living - we build    
 homes using a renewable resource.
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