Mobo 54 Home | JH

The Mobo 54 conforms to building standards for a mobile home (park home). As such it enjoys the relaxed planning regulations enjoyed by mobile/park homes. It has a similar specification to our Tallbo cabins, and so is constructed of 58mm interlocking logs, double glazed windows and doors, and wall, ceiling and floor insulation to keep you comfortable in the coldest of winters.

Walls are a composite construction consisting of a 58mm outer log, 120mm of glass wool insulation, and a 22mm inner log profile cladding making a total wall thickness of 200mm. To achieve the same insulation with a solid log wall would require logs 400mm thick!

If your local authority consent requires your mobile home be movable, a steel chassis is available for Mobo 54. Each half of the mobile home requires its own chassis. Contact us for chassis pricing.

Our range of park homes have a similar specification to our cabins. They come with double glazed windows and doors, insulated walls, and internal walls and doors. Foundations, electrics and plumbing are not included in the price.