Timber Frame Homes & Houses

timber framed houses & self build kits

Timber framed homes are constructed as it sounds. A timber frame structure is constructed using the finest logs. The frame is the usually filled with glass windows or other material. These come in either a timber self build kit or fully assembled by our team of professsionals. 

The benefits of timber frame construction are now being becoming apparent in the UK housing market, where the majority of newly built homes are timber frame.  This constuction method has been widely used in Northern parts of Europe for many years due to it's resilience in the colder, wetter climates.

It is sometimes difficult to determin a timber framed home when it is finished as different architects may uses, brick or rendering to cover the wood. Here at Nordic Log, we believe the wood in its natural beauty should be exposed.

We supply self build kits that you can construct yourself to help keep the costs down when building your dream timber framed house. We will be there guide you through the process and help with funding & planning.



 Ecological Choice
 Log is the best match for the values of
 natural and ecological living - we build    
 homes using a renewable resource.
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